Tuesday, June 14, 2011


some quick thoughts, since it's been forever and a day since i've blogged but it's also past my bedtime...

1. spent 5 days last week at an overnight camp for 200 youth called MissionFest, where they worked at various missions throughout Jackson. i'm just gonna be up front and say that just about everything that could go wrong...well, yea it went wrong for me. my team's bus broke down no less than 3 times, i left a poor girl at the church on the way to our work site, and even caused the overall adult leader to create a new rule after the very first day based on my team. let's just say that i do not feel called to youth ministry, but bless their hearts whoever does. don't worry, i lived to smile and laugh greatly about all of this (and even managed to keep my internship! woo hoo! ;)

2. the Word of God is indeed powerful and does not return empty. during one of the days last week, i spent time with some kids from a rougher neighborhood in Jackson. we were hanging out in their neighborhood and told them the story of Jesus healing the blind man by spitting in the dirt and putting mud on his face. i admittedly was not optimistic about them paying attention to the story, but God gave me the sassy snaps and proved me wrong. 3 young boys, around the age of 10, then grilled me with every question imaginable about God. it was astonishing to me how genuinely curious and interested these boys were--they were thirsty, and all it took was for someone to share some scripture and invite them to ask for living water.

3. lindsey and i pretty much ran the liturgy this past sunday while all our pastors were at annual conference. the phrase sink-or-swim adequately describes this scenario. thankfully i'm a firm believer in the phrase fake-it-til-you-make-it, and folks seem to have bought our confidence. the best thing that came from this sunday though were the encouragements i got from some of my grace place friends. 3 different guys have come up to me since, all beaming about how well i did on sunday. one was even so excited to tell me he saw me on t.v, gushing about how nice it was to have a familiar face on the screen--he said it felt like he was there, like it was home. best. compliment. EVER.

4. in true random fashion, i leave you with this tidbit. i am slightly embarrassed to admit that i have now seen, in marathon fashion, all 3 twilight movies...i blame the youth. but for those of you who have even the slightest idea what i'm talking about, i leave you with two words: team jacob. the end.

grace, peace and hugs to all. more stories to come!

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