Sunday, May 22, 2011

hello, Jackson =)

2 days and 13ish hours of driving later, i'm officially in Jackson, MS! this post will be short, as i'm now well fed and exhausted. here's some quick highlights from my travels:

1. shout out to my faithful musical companions who serenaded me (and had to listen to me sing/belt/beatbox horrendously for hours on end)--special props to Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Javier, Adele, Michael Buble, and my girl India.Arie for their extra commitment.
2. driven through many an interesting city name lately, my personal favorite being Chunky, MS. there's obviously a story behind that name, i'm sure of it. i also may or may not have a story involving Chunky, MS as well...
3. i apparently missed the memo that MS is in central time zone, thus pleasantly surprising me with an extra hour--woot woot!
4. met some lovely new friends in ATL on friday night and promptly celebrated one of their birthdays with the whole neighborhood at their house. praise God for awesome and faithful people--more on that later when i have my brain back.
5. i just like lists with odd numbers.

aight, folks, more Jackson adventures to come. =)


  1. So sad i missed you in ATL :( I'm sure you had a blast, and were hosted well. Jackson ain't ready!

  2. Hey, Jeannie.....

    I will follow your blog this summer with great delight! I'm sure you know from Hannah that I was born in this great state, have relatives there, and went to college there. You'll find there are some doozies of names for towns....Alligator, MS is one that comes to mind. Be sure you learn how to pronounce LaFayette County correctly, too! We'll look forward to seeing you in August!
    Love, Mama Jones