Monday, May 30, 2011

profile: people

oh my galoshes, so many amazing experiences have happened just in the past few days--i will have many stories to share later, that's for sure. but until i've processed more and my thoughts are less jumbled, here's some quick profiles of folks i've met thus far in jackson. this is the first of many posts profiling people, because let's be real, i love people. AND these people are amazing--i'm so stoked to share part of their story. i hope their lives might bless you as they have me, even if you never get to meet them.

Leslie: Leslie loves people with a passion. she currently directs missions and outreach at Galloway, and while she claims she has no credentials for the position, she clearly has the most important one down on lock. my first day i only got to talk with her for about 20 minutes, where she proceeded to tell me about the lives of a couple of the Grace Place guys she's grown close with. Grace Place, by the way, is the homeless ministry at Galloway and where i'll be working closely at this summer--more on that later. basically, in just those 20 minutes, Leslie inspired the mess outta me--talk about sitting at the feet of an amazing woman.

Connie: speaking of amazing women...well you just can't speak about that and NOT talk about her. Connie is co-pastor extraordinaire at Galloway. she will gaze into your soul in about 3 seconds and ask you just the right questions (and probably the ones you didn't want to have to answer). this lady oozes the Holy Spirit, no joke. i heard her preach for the first time this past sunday, and my life will never be the same. never have i seen a female pastor lead with such strength and yet openness and tenderness in my life. to be honest, i've had doubts placed in my head about women being able to preach and lead, but never again will that take root in my mind. mmm mmm mmm.

Ed King: hands down the most humble man i've ever met in my life. and ladies and gents, he has much to be proud of--people come from all over to sit at his feet and learn from his life, and i can see why. if you don't know who he is, google him ASAP ("ed king civil rights"). that's right, he's google-able.

Barbara and Barry Powell: this wonderful couple took me to see joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat at the local theatre--cool point #1. barbara also drove, and while she may be a grandma, don't let that you fool you. she drives stick, and she means business on the road. barry and barbara got married in pakistan, where she was teaching at a methodist girls' school. he casually notes that he "had to chase her far"--baller, barry, baller.

more profiles to come!

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  1. This is great! The energy in your posts are infectious. Keep rollinnnnnn, J